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About Us

Our Story

As Muslim parents living in the US concerned with raising our kids with Islamic values and memorizing the Holy Quran, we couldn't find a website that meets our goals in schedule flexibility, price, and teachers selection. This is why we decided to create WaSeala a platform that connects Quran and Arabic teachers to students seeking to learn and understand the Holy Quran.

WaSeala is a fully functional website in which both students and teachers can manage their calendars, embedded in the website, based on their own schedule. Students have the full flexibility to choose the teachers they prefer as long as teachers have spots available and teachers will have the equivalent flexibility. We ensure that teachers are fully qualified and skilled, however, we try to have minimal interference in the relationship between teachers and students as long as not requested from any party. We act as a medium that facilitates all the management needed in booking classes; including payment, scheduling, refund, and communication. Our business model is to only have a small percentage of each class provided.

As of September 2020  and a response to the COVID-19 pandemic we added a Math program for students in the Elementary school level. We ourselves as parents consider that Math along with Arabic and Quran all play a crucial role in the development of any Muslim child and that Math specifically is an essential subject that affects the overall progress of all children.